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Cats in my life

In my adult life domestic cats appeared in 1999 when I adopted a lovely semi-longhair black queen called Luna and a black and white cat Felix. Because of them I get interested in breeding cats and then I fell in love with norwegian forest cats. I liked their amazing eyes, long and muscular body, strong legs, beautiful coat and long and bushy tail.

So, in June 2002, the first norwegian cat Kajko, a male from Agpamis*PL cattery, came to my home. I didn't plan neiter shows nor cattery, but persuaded by my family, out of curiosity and by way of trial I went to my first show.

Soon, Heca Duszek Lasu*PL, a norwegian female joined Kajko. After two years a new female S*Zimexis Tara de'Luna came to our cattery from Sweden.

In 2006 Cadogan a male from our C-litter stayed with us. In May of 2007 Freya z Krainy Asgardu*PL joined our cat's company. In November 2009 Kajko left us. In August 2010 a new female Xanthe Duszek Lasu*PL came to my cattery.

In 2014 there have been major changes in my cattery. Freya, Xanthe and Cadogan became happy neuters and finished their breeding career. Also in the same year Rosina, a female from our R-litter stayed with us and thanks to Leszka, Janna Duszek Lasu*PL came to us as a company for Rosina.

Luna Felix Kajko Heca
Tara Cadogan Freya Xanthe


Milanor*PL is a small cattery of norwegian forest cats registered with Federation Interationale Feline (FIFe) on 10th October 2003.

My cattery is a member of Cat Club Feniks, a member of Felis Polonia.

My cats live as family members, they can go around the whole flat including the balcony which is protected by net.

All my breeding cats are HCM tested with result: normal.

In December 2014 I finished the first step in an education programme for cat breeders, G1 course of PawAcademy of PawPeds and in May 2015 I graduated G2 course of PawAcademy of PawPeds - the second step. In May 2016 I graduated the G3 course organized by the PawAcademy of PawPeds. G3 is the third and last step in an education programme for cat breeders. List of people who passed the exam of G3 you can see here.

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